Gaulcast delves into the history of Gaulish polytheism, as well as the reconstruction of it today. Hosted by Artocatos Taranicnos and Branogarâ Morimagi

Gaulcast #010: All Gauls Were the Same Right? Regional and Tribal Focus

September 19th, 2021

If you ever wondered, "Were all the Gallic people the same?" then you need to listen to this discussion about just a few of regional tribal focused practices. Dagloberos sits as the acting solo host, while Viducus (Deo Mercurio) talks about the tribes in Luxemburg, Lucotilla Gianoglannatis goes into Gallo-Pyrenees practices, and Artocatos takes a guest role and talks Alpine and Helvetian practices. With the conversation nearing 2 hours, there wasn't enough time to cover any virtues this time. Enjoy as you get a sneak preview of the upcoming Comreton in November since all 4 participants are presenters! 

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