Gaulcast delves into the history of Gaulish polytheism, as well as the reconstruction of it today. Hosted by Artocatos Taranicnos and Branogarâ Morimagi

Gaulcast #011: Branogarâ is back!!

October 15th, 2021

On the one year anniversary of the show we welcome back Branogarâ! Arto and Branogarâ catch up and talk about future plans. The show ends with a long discussion on the next Senobessus Bolgon virtue

Gaulcast #010: All Gauls Were the Same Right? Regional and Tribal Focus

September 19th, 2021

If you ever wondered, "Were all the Gallic people the same?" then you need to listen to this discussion about just a few of regional tribal focused practices. Dagloberos sits as the acting solo host, while Viducus (Deo Mercurio) talks about the tribes in Luxemburg, Lucotilla Gianoglannatis goes into Gallo-Pyrenees practices, and Artocatos takes a guest role and talks Alpine and Helvetian practices. With the conversation nearing 2 hours, there wasn't enough time to cover any virtues this time. Enjoy as you get a sneak preview of the upcoming Comreton in November since all 4 participants are presenters! 

Gaulcast Minisode: Deluâs/Delwâs

August 29th, 2021

Due to technical issues and scheduling conflicts, Gaulcast presents it's first Minisode. Arto is solo this time and gives his thoughts on idols or Deluâs. Short but sweet Arto talks about the value of having Deluâs for one's Nemeton and even gives some tips on how to make your own. Visit our social medias and check out our website at and if you want a Deluâ of your own, message Arto or the Helvetian Hands FB page to make an order. 

Gaulcast #009: Oh My Gods! Part 3

July 15th, 2021

For the last in the Oh My Gods series, Branogara is on a temporary hiatus so friend of the show Rinhund Runosagiton (check out his blog gets tagged in along with guest Renotaurus Pholsson to talk about spirits. Despite children distracting the guys and trying to steal the show, Arto, Rin, and Reno go over spirits and how to work with them. Spiritwork is very important to the practices of many polytheists and Gaulpol is no different. House spirits, water spirits, kobalds, and more are discussed as the guys share personal stories and Arto and Reno go into Swiss folklore cause they are Swiss Bois. Finally, the guys go in depth on the first of the virtues of Senobessus Bolgon. dont forget to follow our social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, visit our website at and if you're able help us out via patreon.

Gaulcast #008: Oh My Gods! Part 2

June 15th, 2021

We're back to talk about Hero and Ancestor worship and to help us we have Selguiros Caranticnos. Selg is one of the founding members of Senobessus Bolgon and a stand out member of the GaulPol community. Branogara, Arto, and Selg go over the history of ancestor veneration, how it applies to Gaulish Polytheism, and how it can be practiced in a modern setting. The virtue in this episode is the final one for the Touta Galation, Uelia "modesty, honesty". Be sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,, and if you feel generous, help us out on Patreon. Selg is on Instagram at, his wordpress is, and hes even got a redbubble with his amazing artwork. Bratun te! " Thanks to you!"

Gaulcast #007: Oh My Gods! Part 1

April 15th, 2021

Part one in our three part segment, Arto and Branogarâ cover various Gods or Dêuoi of the Gauls. Taranis, Eponâ, Sucellos, Carnonos, and more are discussed in this introduction to the Dêwoi. The final Toutâ Galation Virtue of Inrextus (Integrity, Self Rectitude) and this is the first video episode which can be watched on the Gaulcast YouTube channel. Visit and join our Patreon and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Gaulcast #006: Around Grandfather Fire Supershow!

March 15th, 2021

Surprise!! Arto and Branogarâ push back the scheduled show to join in with the folks at Around Grandfather Fire. The AGF crew ask us all about everything GaulPol and some of a few of Branogarâ's dogs even make cameos! This casual talk and hangout has an added bonus of all 5 giving their perspectives on the Gaulish Virtue of Erissaxtâ (Piety). For younger listeners, there is swearing in this one. Theme music by Ûailogenos. Visit our site at and, if you can, help us out by visiting our Patreon page. Lastly, don't forget to check out Around Grandfather Fire's other podcast episodes.

Gaulcast #005: Animism? Do You Mean Animals?

February 15th, 2021

Today on Gaulcast, we get another Raven on the show. Arto and Branogarâ are joined by Branos Carnutodrûidon to discuss Animism and how it applies to Gaulish Polytheism. Branos is the Uelitos (Seer) of Toutâ Galation, one of the founding members of Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG), and a prominent figure in the GaulPol community. Branos is also a crafter and blacksmith with handmade items for sale at, a blog at, and is the creator of The virtue for this episode is Trougocariâ meaning compassion and empathy. Theme music by Ûailogenos. Visit and our various social media accounts.

Gaulcast #004:The More You Know, A Breif History

January 15th, 2021

Looks like Artocatos ran into more audio issues but the show must go on! No guest this time, Arto and Branogarâ, who are NOT historians, did their homework and had fun covering the historical timeline of Gaul. From the earliest records, to the Gallic Wars, to the final days of Rome, and everything in between. The virtue for this episode is Uâriâ (Duty). Theme music by Ûailogenos. Visit our site at!

Gaulcast #003: What is Gaulish Polytheism?

December 15th, 2020

Audio issues won't stop the Gaulish dynamic duo as they talk about the first Comreton Calleios from late November, the virtue of Oigetocariâ, and sit down with the Hound of Bel himself, Cunobelinus Bettulicnos. This interview covers the basics of GaulPol 101 and is great for newbies getting into Gaulish Polytheism. Shout out to our first patron J. Internus, appreciate the support!

Find us at GaulCast on Facebook and Instagram, @GaulCastPodcast on Twitter, shoot us an email at, and don't forget to check out and find the link to our Patreon Page which is

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