Gaulcast delves into the history of Gaulish polytheism, as well as the reconstruction of it today. Hosted by Artocatos Taranicnos and Branogarâ Morimagi

Gaulcast #006: Around Grandfather Fire Supershow!

March 15th, 2021

Surprise!! Arto and Branogarâ push back the scheduled show to join in with the folks at Around Grandfather Fire. The AGF crew ask us all about everything GaulPol and some of a few of Branogarâ's dogs even make cameos! This casual talk and hangout has an added bonus of all 5 giving their perspectives on the Gaulish Virtue of Erissaxtâ (Piety). For younger listeners, there is swearing in this one. Theme music by Ûailogenos. Visit our site at and, if you can, help us out by visiting our Patreon page. Lastly, don't forget to check out Around Grandfather Fire's other podcast episodes.

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